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Termites have a reputation for being an absolute nightmare for a property owner, and for good reason. Termites cause billions of dollars' worth of damage every year and can be difficult to remove. A single termite colony can contain up to 20 million termites, and they are voracious eaters.

Termites can do a lot of damage, but Termite and Pest Control, Inc. is prepared to help. Our termite treatment can remove termites from both residential and commercial buildings. For complete termite control, schedule a consultation with the experienced termite company in Cape Coral, Fort Myers Beach, Fort Myers, FL, and the surrounding area.

Combating a termite infestation starts with knowledge. It’s important to understand where they come from, how the infestation begins and how to find and eliminate it. Consider the answer to these popular questions about termites:

How do I know if I have termites?

  • Look for sagging floors, cracked walls or other damage.
  • Look for mud tubes on exterior foundation walls.
  • Look for swarms of termites around light fixtures or windows in your home.

Why are infestations often discovered in the spring?

Termite infestations are often found in spring because that is when termites leave their colony and swarm. Homeowners often notice these swarms inside or around the perimeter of the home. This is often the first indication of a problem.

If you notice any of these signs or are looking to prevent a future termite infestation, contact Termite and Pest Control for complete termite treatment. We serve residents in Cape Coral, Naples, Fort Myers, FL, and the surrounding area. See below for all the areas we service.

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Subterranean Termite Programs

  1. Trench and treat: We dig a 6x4 trench in dirt areas around the home we then flood every 10 feet with 4 gal. Of Termidor SC. If there is cement close to the home, drill a 5/16 hole through the cement and then push a XA X 12" injection tool past the cement and inject it into the ground below the cement. The termite-killing product seeps down beside the foundation of the home. This method gives us a continuous barrier around the home for protection from subterranean termites
  2. In-ground termite baiting stations: We place a 6" x 3" Trelona ATBS container containing termite-killing food with a removable lid (special key required) in the ground all the way around the home every 8-20 feet and approximately 3-5 feet from the home. Determining factors for use of one or the other are used to pick which is best for the home. After I see the lay of the land, how close to water, and whether we are using the programs for curative or preventative purposes I will make that decision.

Drywood Termite

This is a two part treatment:

One: We will treat the attic of the home with a Borate product coating any wood surface we can reach. When a termite comes in contact with this product, termiteS will die. If the attic has evidence of termites we will inject it into the infected area of wood.

Two: In the inside of the home we will drill 1/8 inch holes around all windows and doors on the outside wall of the home. We then inject the holes with A foaming agent with a termite-killing product (Termidor foam) After drilling we will fill the 1/8-inch holes with a white drywall filler. (Painting to match the color of the wall will be the homeowner's responsibility). Year by year this program can be renewed. If a homeowner has kept the termite bond which comes with a yearly inspection we will be responsible for a foam injection retreatment if the termite leaves us the evidence.

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