Get Rid of Pesky Fleas That Can Harm You and Your Pets

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Fleas feed on blood for their survival and can often switch between animal and human hosts. They're prolific jumpers and can leap incredible distances to latch onto you or your pets. If you believe you may have a flea infestation, contact Termite and Pest Control, Inc. for flea services in the Cape Coral, FL area. We're an experienced flea company with the tools and experience for fast and effective flea treatments.

If you're unsure if you have fleas in your home, try the sock test. With long white socks pulled up to your calves, walk around your home paying special attention to carpeted areas. Fleas will leap onto your socks and appear as black or brown specks. You can also run your hands through your carpets and find tiny eggs as evidence.

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Can you tell the difference between flea bites and mosquito bites?

Wondering if you have flea bites? Look out for:

  • Red, round bumps on the skin
  • Halo-shaped perimeters
  • Extreme itchiness and possible rashes if allergic

While symptoms are difficult to distinguish from mosquitos or other insect bites, these bumps and rashes combined with the appearance of small eggs or specks are a sure sign of a flea infestation. Contact us today for effective flea services in Cape Coral, FL area and the surrounding areas.

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