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Residents of South Florida know all too well how invasive roaches can be. They're difficult to pin down and can be even harder to catch or kill. You need professional help to ensure they're properly controlled. Contact Termite and Pest Control, Inc. at 239-900-7378 for effective roach treatment services in Cape Coral, FL and surrounding areas.

In order to identify a roach infestation, check your bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and basements for:

  • Unusual smells- cockroaches produce a lingering, unpleasant odor on surfaces they've contacted.
  • Droppings- search for brown or black cylindrical droppings where water is present.
  • Smear marks- roaches will produce brown smear marks on floors and walls where they've crawled.
  • Shed skins- roaches shed their skins multiple times as they mature. You can find these close to where they shelter.

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Know the facts about South Florida cockroaches

There are 4 main types of cockroaches you can commonly see in warm, moist areas in and around your home. They are:

  • Smoky brown cockroaches- these roaches are smoky brown in color and prefer very moist and warm areas. They typically stay outdoors, living under mulch and around tree holes.
  • German cockroaches- smaller in size and easily identifiable, these roaches always have two horizontal stripes behind their heads. They prefer to live indoors traveling through pipes and plumbing.
  • Asian cockroaches- these roaches are almost identical in appearance to the German roach. They prefer to stay outdoors but will venture inside when attracted to light and food.
  • American cockroach- also known as the palmetto bug, these are notorious in the region. They grow to over 3 inches in length and fly with large wings. Find them in sewer systems and inside homes when they search for food.

No matter what type of roach infestation you might have, we have the tools and experience to clear them out. Contact us today to ask about our affordable rates on roach treatment services.

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